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Saint Basil Musical Hand Painted Wooden Russian Orthodox Gift
Saint Basil Musical Hand Painted Wooden Russian Orthodox Gift
Saint Basil Musical Hand Painted Wooden Russian Orthodox Gift
Item#: 4832

Product Description
Saint Basil Musical Hand Painted Wooden Russian Orthodox Gift
- It Spins When Music Plays - On Top Three Bar Cross -
8 " H x 4 1/4"W

St Basil’s Cathedral (Cathedral of the Intercession of the Most Holy Theotokos on the Moat) Moscow – MUSICAL MODEL
If you visited or would like to visit Moscow, Russia, the highpoint would be the fairylike cathedral dominating Red Square. The multi-domed structure actually includes 10 churches – a central Cathedral of the Intercession and eight surrounding churches. A 10th church was added in honor of St Basil the Fool. The architectural style although undefined is described as “Old Russian Style.” There is much speculation of its origins – some say Asiatic elements from southern Russia to ancient wood churches in northern Russia. Regardless, the effect is dazzling!
Some suggest it was the inspiration for the Walt Disney’s castle.
The colorful and decorative smaller domes surround the central tower.
The central design is topped with a traditional three barred Russian cross.

The music is a traditional Russian folk melody!

Since each model is individually hand made the art work may vary.

Each model is hand made of wood and painted in Russia. The bottom is decorated in a typical Slavic floral design. This type of work is hand painted and decorates wood bowels, platters and spoons is loved by Russians.

Size: With Three Bar Cross top - 8 Inch x 4 1/4 inch
A fun addition to a music model collection.

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