Resin Incense

Resin Incense

Resin incense is generally regarded as superior to wood-based products that burn quickly (often with the aid of Chemical Catalysts) and produce chokingly harsh smoke. Gloria Incense blends are the epitome of the incense maker's craft.

Quantity/Wholesale Discounts are also offered on Gloria Incense for orders of 10 - 23 lbs. - 10%, 24 or more - 25%, any combination. Please contact us for pricing via email at or call 814-539-0116.

Please call Gloria Incense to order individual 1 lb bags of incense. - 814-539-0116

Price per 1lb.:
F-8 Blend Gloria Incense (1lb) $40.00
PR-3 Blend Gloria Incense (1lb) $35.00
P-Blend Gloria Incense (1lb) $30.00

For samples of all 3 blends, please send $2.00 to:

Gloria Incense 225 Chandler Avenue Johnstown, PA 15906

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